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The Kids

Mixed Breed (dog) — Age
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The dogs patiently waiting for treats.
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Skauti, Rhodesian Sock Monkey.
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Zoe on Ruby Beach.
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Bikejoring with Pip the Lellow reindeer.
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Titan and his branch on Ruby Beach.
Over the years, I have ended up with several "broken" dogs, all of which have benefited from The Honest Kitchen's amazing products. First, there is Roxy, the 13 year old Beagle mix. She is a sweet heart, but has anxiety issues and has really benefited from quiet tea to help her get through firework season. Next is Titan, the 7.5 year old Pit. He was born deaf and has a severe yeast condition, Thrive has been one of the only dog foods he can eat with out having a break out. Zoe, the 5 year old Rottie mix loves to use her nose and really enjoys getting fragrant Pecks during training sessions. Pip, the 4 year old Heeler/Lab has benefited most of all from THK products. Pip is a garbage gut, Perfect Form has been a life saver for me! It only takes a few doses in Pip's meals to firm her up when she gets into something she shouldn't, which is often. She also inhales her food when she eats, THK diets have kept Pip from choking herself to death on kibble. I also use THK diets and more recently the Holiday Broth, to bait water for Pip before we go bikejoring, which keeps her hydrated during our run. Last, there is Skauti, the 3.5 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. He came to me not knowing how to be a dog, with serious gut issues and dry flaky skin. It didn't take long for his coat to shine eating his favorite HK diet, Love. A bit of Perfect Form and Pro Bloom fixed Skauti's belly in no time. All of my dogs have done exceptionally well on the diets from The Honest Kitchen, I absolutely love their products and I highly recommend trying everything!
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