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Toby, Luna and Harley

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These three love love!! Honest Kitchen.(see tongue)
We have been Using Honest Kitchen for over 2 years. We have loved it so much that i even became a brand ambassador which is helpful at the rescue group we volunteer with. All our dogs are 5 years old, Toby the little guy was always slim but every 6 months his liver values would skyrocket to the point medication may have to be used. we switched from Kibble to Honest kitchen and within months his liver levels decreased. In a years time they went from 204 back to in range at 40. Harley, the tall one had so many food allergies when we got her, around the same time as Toby we put them all on this food. Harley no longer itches or has rashes. Luna the pretty middle child, shes perfect. She just figured if they are eating the delish Honest Kitchen she should too. She dances for her food at meal times.
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