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Poodle — Age 5
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Wesley at the dog park.
When I picked out Wesley at my local animal shelter, I knew he could've had any number of issues. Shelter animals are always a gamble, particularly ones that came in as strays, but he was so sweet that I had to give him a chance.

His issues were apparent within a few weeks. He vomited fairly frequently. Some days, I couldn't get him to eat his kibble at all (in retrospect, I realize it was hurting his stomach.) I tried higher-quality kibble, including the grain-free fancy stuff. He went to several different vets, and most put him on a "gentle", low-fat kibble that was mostly corn.

The result was the same. Some days he still wouldn't eat, and he was still vomiting a few times a week. I had him tested for gastritis but the result was negative. I didn't know what was wrong, and I didn't know what to do.

I started making a home-made food for him. The change was drastic. He couldn't have been more excited for his food, and the vomiting stopped. But I live in a small apartment, my dog and I travel frequently, and I work a full-time job and do freelance illustrations in my spare time. I found it hard to dedicate the hours to making his food, it was hard to transport frozen dog food blocks on trips, and storing the ingredients as well as the food itself left barely any room in my fridge and freezer.

Enter The Honest Kitchen. The ingredients made me hopeful that it would be a more convenient solution to my dog's nutritional needs, while still being easy on his stomach. I knew it would certainly be easier to make and store!

After having Wesley on it for a year, the results are pretty clear: it's great for his stomach (no more throw-up!) and he loves it. He hears me running the warm water and sees me getting down his THK box and he dances like it's Christmas morning.

I love my dog and I'll do what it takes to keep him healthy. The Honest Kitchen has just made it so much easier. Thank you!
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