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Schnauzer — Age 13
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I was oblivious to the fact that most retail pet foods are poisoning our pets until my 13-year old Schnauzer developed Cushing's Disease. I then began researching the myth that most pet foods are actually good for our pets. I went on a lot of blogs & message boards & I heard about THK. Since then, I have to say, my pets eat better than I do. I have 3 mini-schnauzers, but my oldest, Wesley, developed Cushing's Disease, & has also been in the vet ICU for 3 days for severe acute pancreatitis. The vet wants him on the Hill's Science Diet Prescription I/D Low Fat, but the ingredients are horrible. He said if I could find a fat content that is in the I/D in another food, he would be okay with that. I already had Wes on Embark & Love, but those weren't low-fat enough for his condition, but thankfully the Zeal is in the acceptable range. I am thankful that there are companies like THK that actually care about our pets. My other two schnauzers eat Embark/Love, but Wes is just fine with the Zeal. I don't know how my story ends, because everyday is a blessing to have Wes in my life, but I have told countless people about THK, & I am happy to pay for my pets to have the best nutrition

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