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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 13
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Wiggles keeping cool from the sun in her bright sunnies!
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BEFORE: cone of shame to prevent chewing; sock to prevent scratching. She's fat.
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AFTER: Excited to eat!
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Hot spot & hair loss from chewing.Redness & scabs cant be seen well due to flash
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Her new figure about 7 months after my first THK order.
UPDATE: it’s 2018 and Wiggles is going on 13 years strong! She continues to be healthy and now enjoys her minimal Turkey THK. I found for her, minimal is best so I will purchase any of the minimal ingredient flavors for her, but turkey is her current favorite. For updated pictures follow Wiggles on the gram @thenotoriouswig UPDATE: Two years after my original post, Wiggles is still enjoying Honest Kitchen food. Her favorite is now Revel, but she still enjoys many of the other Honest Kitchen flavors. She is now fully blind (due to her age- 10 years!) but still is happy and chipper. Due to all the health issues she had before starting Honest Kitchen, I would not have expected her to live this long. Thanks THK!!!

ORIGINAL POST: After my dog had several skin issues (dandruff, dryness, itchiness, hot spots), a lackluster coat, hair loss, yeasty ear infections, not wanting to eat, but still being overweight, I had had enough of everything that made my dog downright miserable. The vet didn't really know what to give her other than anti-biotics for the yeast infections. I wasn't going to live with a sad, dandruffy, yeasty dog anymore. I went to the net, researching dog foods on different dog food review websites, dog advocate websites and pet chat boards. I tried several "high" quality kibbles that Wiggles would eat for maybe a few days to a week and then just turn her nose up or knock over the bowl and refused to eat. I tried canned food but never found one that even after slowly transitioning, really made the diarrhea she got go away. After a particular nasty hot spot due to some food allergy to lamb kibble, I was losing hope of finding a good food for my little Wiggles.

I don't remember how I stumbled upon The Honest Kitchen, but I'm sure glad I did. This food changed our lives. Wiggles was super excited to eat! She LOVED all the flavors but licked her plate clean the most with Keen. I feared that with feeding the low gluten options in addition to the no grain options, her skin issues would come back, but they didn't. Her skin issues were greatly reduced and eventually went away. No more yeasty dog smell or dandruff. She was excited to eat. She lost the weight she gained from the dry food and is at a healthy weight for her size. She's a lot perkier and if it wasn't for her gray chin hair, you would think she was a puppy since she is so happy and chipper. As difficult as it is to find in stores, I will always feed her THK food, and I'm lucky the company is local so if I have to order online, turn around time on my orders are quick! Thank you so much for the wonderful products you have made.
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