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Bernese Mountain Dog — Age 9
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Our baby
Winslow came into our lives when I broke my back. I had always wanted a Bernese and we had her trained as a service dog. She spent every day and night by my side as I spent the next few years recovering from major injuries and I transitioned from a wheelchair to a walker to back to standing. She is my best friend and there is nothing I would not do for her. She has always been there for me. She is loving, caring, and just wants to be with her family.

Ever since she was young she had some tummy issues perhaps Colitis. We had to find high fiber dog foods. She never used to eat all of her food and would let it sit. Eventually we thought we would try that new brand that claimed to be so healthy. After we switched her she gained a ton of weight and became very slow and had issues walking. Her liver panels were messed up as well. We researched a lot and considered fresh food when I found Honest Kitchen. She has been on it for almost a year now. Her weight went right back to normal, she is bouncing around like a puppy, and her panels are all normal. She loves her food and eats it all right away. No more tummy issues either.

Thank you Honest Kitchen for such a great product. We tell everyone about it and most of all thank you for helping Winslow live a long and happy life. She deserves it!!
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