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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 3
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Ziggy Border Collie/Chow at 3 months
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Ziggy age 2 at public pool event to raise funds for dog park.Full of energy!
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Ziggy age 3. Christmas 2014 Always hugs his stuffed animals before destroying.
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Ziggy age 3 loves the pillows notice how shiny!
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Ziggy & Tazz. Notice difference in coat see Tazz story & watch transformation
Ziggy our Border Collie/Chow is a rescue from a high kill shelter. We adopted him from a rescue group that saved him and his brothers and sisters. They had a rough start to life and all had kennel cough with one brother almost dying from pneumonia.

The largest of the litter, Ziggy was a good eater but would begin vomiting after prolonged use of any foods. We researched and tested many high quality no grain foods but always eventually ended up with similar results.

After becoming well versed in dog foods, ingredients and quality, we found The Honest Kitchen and were impressed with the quality and ingredients but sought out others expert advice and stumbled upon a website called Great Dane Lady where she tested the food and was also impressed. Due to her diligence and our own research, we decided this would be the food to resolve our Zig's terrible tummy troubles.

Since introducing The Honest Kitchen we can report no vomiting and we have seen a dramatic change in his coat. We always thought he was beautiful but his coat is now exceptionally shiny and matches his expressive amber eyes which now glow.

Ziggy is now a big 56 lb exceptionally intelligent boy with a new little sister named Tazz who was adopted from the high kill shelter where Ziggy was rescued. See Tazz's story and watch the dramatic change in her coat as she begins her journey with The Honest Kitchen diet. You won't believe the difference in her coat!
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