Smiling dog and cat
Smiling dog and cat


When pets eat The Honest Kitchen foods, they get a nourishing meal of delicious, colorful whole foods that actually make a positive difference in their total health, well-being and happiness - and that makes their people pretty happy too.

Compare Your Current Pet Food

Here's how The Honest Kitchen stands out from the pet food pack:

✔ real whole foods ✔ 100% human grade
✔ made in the USA  ✔ super healthy
✔ minimally processed ✔ no GMO ingredients
✔ nothing from China ✔ tastes delicious!
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bigger isn’t always better!

Did you know that each 10 lb box of The Honest Kitchen has about 40 pounds of whole foods in it? The same quality ingredients we use would cost about $240 if purchased at your local store. Our nutrient dense foods are delicious, healthy and easy to make – just add water!

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how to make our food

how to make our food
how to make our food

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