Additional Ingredient Added to Our Human Grade Pet Foods

In preparation of AAFCO’s upcoming new minimum requirements on sodium and selenium, we’re incorporating a small amount of sodium selenite into our human grade vitamin premix.

Selenium is a trace element that’s beneficial to both dogs and cats. Its antioxidant properties play a role in supporting normal pancreatic, fat absorption and thyroid function. It can also help support the health of the joints, skin and coat. Sodium is an electrolyte that’s important for a number of processes in the body, including proper cell function in the brain, nervous system and muscles.

Although historically the amounts of naturally-occurring sodium and selenium in our raw ingredients has been sufficient to meet the AAFCO minimum requirements, the new daily amounts set forth by AAFCO means that we need to add some additional sodium to our foods in order to meet the requirements of their new nutrient profiles.

As always, we have very high standards when it comes to the ingredients we use, and that includes our vitamins and minerals. Our sodium selenite is sourced from right here in the USA and is 100% human grade.

There will be a slight change in the levels of sodium in our foods and we’re updating our AAFCO nutrient profiles to reflect this.

Meet the Author: Sara Hobson

Sara is the Marketing Manager for The Honest Kitchen. Sara's role includes managing content for THK's blog and social media channels, digital marketing, email marketing and ecommerce operations.

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