Honest Kitchen Pet Food
Honest Kitchen Pet Food

human grade means quality & safety


minimally processed food

health benefits

When we eat well, we feel well. And the same goes for our pets. Itching, scratching, appetite woes, upset tummies and more, can all be linked to problems with food. Switching away from highly processed pet food to minimally processed, vibrant whole foods from The Honest Kitchen may be just what the doctor — or veterinarian — ordered
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    • *Closer to fresh, whole food
    • *Packed with natural nutrition

    • *Highly processed ‘fast food’
    • *Fewer natural ingredients
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Every pet’s an individual. Use our handy product selector to find the perfect Honest Kitchen products for your dog or cat.
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  • "Pet food
    good enough to
    eat – literally."
    – New York Times
  • "Made with 'human
    food grade ingredients' but
    intended for dogs & cats."
    – The Wall Street Journal
  • "Pets deserve 
    human grade
    meals too."
    – The Huffington Post