6 Cute DIY Catnip Toys For Your Cat

6 Cute DIY Catnip Toys For Your Cat

Catnip is to cats what chocolate is to us humans.

It’s simply irresistible. It’s always good to have a few catnip toys on hand to keep the kitty occupied, so we rounded up a few from around the web that are easy to make yourself.

Refillable Catnip Toy

There’s nothing better than a toy that never goes bad. This simple, effective and refillable catnip toy is a cinch to put together and should keep your kitten busy for years. All you need is some fabric, Velcro, stuffing, a satchel and some minor sewing skills to throw it together. Of course, don’t forget the catnip!catniptoy1

Yarn Ball Catnip Toy

The only thing cats love more than catnip is a ball of yarn, so why not combine the two into one never ending source of entertainment? There aren’t many tools necessary to throw this one together, but the process is a little involved. This one is best for when you have a good bit of spare time and you feel like getting creative. The gist of it is that you’ll be gluing bits of catnip to Styrofoam balls and wrapping them tightly in yarn. You can make balls to suit any size cat, from kittens to adults.catniptoy2

Crocheted Catnip Balls

Jus because it’s DIY doesn’t mean it can’ t be cute. If you’ve got some crocheting skills you can create adorable little creatures for your cat to toss around the room. They’re designed to wrap around a small ball of catnip in a sealed pouch so they’re safe for your kitten. Some of the designs suggested include a mouse or a feathered chick. You can be as creative as your skills allow and make any animal you’d like.catniptoy3

DIY Fish Toy

There’s something about fish that cats simply can’t resist. Of course, you don’t want a toy lying around the house that smells of the stinky ocean dwellers, but you can simply replace that scent with the delectable aroma of catnip instead. This DIY Fish Toy is a simple, cute way to entice your feline friend into hours of play. It requires only basic sewing skills and can be done by hand, so don’t fret if you aren’t a master craftsman.catniptoy4

Second Life Cat Toy

How many of you cat owners have kids who’ve grown out of their stuffed animals? Well, don’t throw those old toys away just yet. The Little Big Blog found the best use for them. You simply cut those little suckers open and insert some pouches of catnip to give them a second life. It’s so easy you could even get the kids involved.catniptoy5

Catnip Sock Toy

There are endless sites with instructions for making a catnip sock toy. It’s so easy a child can do it. Simply take a sock (baby socks work best), spoon a little bit of catnip into the bottom then tie the end shut tightly. For an added effect, you can toss a small bell from a craft store into the sock or tie it on to the end. The string can simply be left alone or tied to a stick to make it easier to wave around. Either way, it takes minutes and your cat is sure to love it!catniptoy6

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