Giving Back Through THK's Pawlanthropy Program

Giving Back Through THK's Pawlanthropy Program

Paw·lan·thro·py is the arm of The Honest Kitchen that focuses on charitable giving.

Part of The Honest Kitchen’s Pawlanthropy program is the donation of full sized product that's used to help provide food to rescues for those pups or cats that come to them in need of love and good nutrition. We also select a noble charitable cause each month to receive a portion of our sales profit. Click here to see a full list of the organizations we've helped over the years.

Who is Big Hearts for Big Dogs?

Big Hearts for Big Dogs is a Florida based rescue that advocates for the big dogs. They saw a need to help find homes for larger breeds as the smaller ones were finding homes at a quicker rate. With their passion driving them they created this amazing rescue to help to provide forever homes for these great pups. We are lucky to have one of our own team members Shreya Mehta, our Florida sales manager who is a strong advocate for this rescue. Her passion and big heart have helped us be able to donate food to this great rescue. With rescue work come tears of sadness but more so tears of happiness. When you can see a pup come from a horrible situation and thrive through love and nutrition and find their forever home you know that all that work has been for something great! “We here at Big Hearts for Big Dogs (BHBD) are very grateful for the extremely generous donation of THK dog food. This donation has made a huge impact to our rescue as our recent focus has been pulling dogs with severe abuse and neglect. We firmly believe a proper diet is an integral part of healing for cases involving extreme neglect. Many dogs come into our care with loose stools, parasites, bacterial infections, skin issues from malnutrition, and/or are in a completely emaciated state. The Honest Kitchen has allowed us to ensure that each of these special dogs with extreme cases is fed a diet that will enhance the recovery and healing process” explains Mehta.

Pups Before and After

Below are some transitioning pictures of Maggie, Anubis, Olaf, and Reina. They have been feeding The Honest Kitchen and are in the process of reaching their optimal state. Maggie (approx. 8 y/o) was an owner surrender at a high kill shelter in Miami, FL. It was evident that she was nothing more than a breeding machine and then surrendered after she could no longer produce puppies. She was emaciated, anemic, had a severe inguinal hernia, and several mammary tumors. Surgery had to be postponed as her blood panel came back very inconsistent. She was immediately put on THK Halcyon, Instant Goat's Milk, and Perfect Form in foster. Within 2 weeks, her blood panel came back completely normal and we were safe to schedule her necessary surgeries. Not only did she gain weight, her tear stains are completely gone and her skin and coat are no longer dingy and rough, but extremely smooth and soft. MAGGIETHKCOLLAGE Anubis is our current transformation case. As you can see by his “before” picture, he has suffered some of the worst neglect ever seen. He skin scraped negative for mange and his hair loss is most likely attributed to malnourishment. His case is currently under investigation for felony animal cruelty. He is being fed an exclusive THK diet as well and his progress will be reported constantly. ANUBISCOLLAGETHK Olaf was another case of severe abuse and neglect. He was confiscated from his home after reports of abuse were made. His owner is currently serving one year in jail for the abuse inflicted upon him. Olaf sustained over 20 cranial fractures and several broken teeth as a result from being beaten repeatedly with a bat. Olaf underwent major surgery involving over 18 extractions of his teeth that had been broken. The Honest Kitchen helped Olaf eat comfortably as well as gain much needed weight. Olaf has truly thrived in such a short time frame and is happily living in his forever home. OLAFCOLLAGETHK Reina was abandoned in an area known as the “Redlands” in Miami that is a notorious dumping ground for dogs. She lived in a nursery feeding off of outside scraps until she was found. As you can see in her photo, she appears to be an American Bulldog/Mastiff type mix. She was only 68lbs and extremely emaciated. She was fed The Honest Kitchen from the start and her weight significantly improved. She currently weighs 87lbs. She has spine and hip issues that will mandate keeping her at a lower weight but the improvement has been significant from her original state. REINACOLLAGETHK

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To find out more info on Big Hearts for Big Dogs please check out their website at

Christin Lynch

Christin Lynch served as The Honest Kitchen’s Social Responsibility Manager. She has an adorable pup named Ollie and 3 kitties named Kit Kat, Simba and Cheyenne. She has a strong passion for giving back, creating new recipes for her 2-legged and 4-legged co-workers and rolling around with dogs all day!
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