Local Love: Noah's Natural Pet Market

Local Love: Noah's Natural Pet Market

As The Honest Kitchen celebrates our 20th anniversary, we can't help but look back at all the people who've stuck with us since the very beginning. This includes the very first retail location to put The Honest Kitchen on it's shelves: Noah's Natural Pet Market in San Diego, California. 

This store has been a stable in Pacific Beach for decades, and the new owners, Alex and Andrew, are using their combined 30+ years of pet specialty experience to craft a unique, fun and fresh experience to pet lovers in the greater San Diego area. We asked them a few questions to learn more about Noah's Natural Pet Market.

Noah's Natural Pet Market
4431 Cass St, San Diego, CA, 92109, US
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Q: What would you say set's Noah's Natural Pet Market apart?

A: We promote and believe that animal wellness begins with the diet, but also promote enrichment, exercise, and training as part of the “wellness routine” we promote to our customers. Our store is unique and is merchandised in a way that is warm and inviting, yet fun and fresh, and that can be seen in the color palate we have chosen for the look and feel of the store, and in the intention behind the focus we have that can be seen from our layout.

We take pride in our selection and in our unique perspective, having worked in all stages of the pet specialty business from the store level, to the manufacturer level, to distributor level, and the ownership level. We love to offer customers a glimpse into the back-end processes and people that work tirelessly everyday to make sure the industry and innovative solutions that are being brought to market stay on track in first-principles and further the relationship we can create with our pets.

Q: What products and services do you offer?

A: We specialize in the solutions-based approach when working with pet parents, and so we offer and specialize in the “fresh-food” categories including raw (both frozen and freeze-dried), gently-cooked, air-dried, dehydrated, and oven-baked solutions.

We have a very robust treat and chew selection, supplement selection, and natural grooming products. We sometimes host educational seminars and consumer facing events in-store, and we also participate in community events. We have branded treat jars in local pet-friendly business and try to be as active in our community as possible.

Q: Tell us a bit more about your Summer Seminars

A: We have partnered with several solutions based vendors to highlight different products in different categories of support, that work synergistically with our product mix, to elevate animal wellness and encourage education of new products that can help enrich our customer’s experience with their pets.

To learn more about upcoming Summer Seminars, follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Q: Do you have any four-legged employees that customers can expect to see when they visit your store?

A: Currently, Juneau (our store manager’s Brittany Spaniel) is at Noah’s 3 or 4 days a week. She loves treats and kisses and is always a bright energy in the shop.

Juneau from Noah's Natural Pet Market

Q: Noah’s Natural Pet Market and Honest Kitchen have quite a history together – your store was the first to ever carry The Honest Kitchen’s products. How have you seen both brands grow over the years?

A: It is amazing to own the first store to ever carry a brand as impactful as The Honest Kitchen. My personal relationship to the brand is almost as long as the relationship to Noah’s: I started my career in pet specialty in 2004 when I was managing a group of stores in the Long Beach area called Belmont Pets + Launderpet. I believe we were one of the stronger stores to support THK during the initial years, and I am fond of my time working with the original THK crew during my 7 years with that store.

I was fiercely loyal to THK products with my dog at the time, and have always been a believer in the line. To marry that relationship with the brand to the first store THK was offered in seems surreal to me, and I find responsibility in sharing my perspective with current THK leadership to further our mutual growth in an cohesive way.

Q: Do you have any particular Honest Kitchen products you like to recommend to customers and why?

A: We believe in all things THK! We appreciate the unique solutions and the cross-category approach.

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