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Should You Supplement Your Dog Food?

Your dog is part of the family.

As such, he deserves to enjoy quality, delicious food. Most traditional kibble brands lack the nutrients dogs need to grow and thrive. In fact, there has been substantive research that links kibble diets to the increase veterinarians are seeing in pet obesity, cancer and other diseases. One of the most important steps to having a happy, healthy companion is knowing what is in the food you're feeding him.

Option 1: Compliment with Human Food

Traditional kibble is never advisable, even as the base part of your dog’s meal, because it can contain harmful chemicals, as well as not providing your pet with all the nutrition he needs. If have to go the kibble route, the best option is to choose a pet food with few ingredients and pay attention to what’s in the mix. In this case, it would also be best to supplement your dog’s food with ingredients from your own table, including fresh vegetables, fruit, and raw or cooked meat. Wholesome Human Foods for Dogs Keep in mind that not all human foods are safe for canine consumption. Some great options to include in your dog’s diet are strawberries, bananas, sweet potato, egg, spinach, pumpkin, and carrots. Apples are also great for dogs, so long as you remember to remove the seeds. Harmful Human Foods for Dogs Other foods, including avocado, grapes, chocolate, walnuts, garlic, and onions can be deadly for your dog, so they're never safe to include in your pet’s diet. Any kind of meat is healthy for your dog, but make sure that if you decide to feed cooked meat, you remove the bones first. Cooked bones aren’t safe because they can splinter when chewed. Raw meat is safe for dogs to eat because a dog’s system is made to process it, however, if you do decide to feed raw, feeding high quality meat will reduce the risks of your dog getting sick. If you ever have questions about what is safe to feed your pet, make sure to do your research before making any assumptions. hope dog food

Option 2: Homemade Food

Another option is to prepare your dog’s food entirely from scratch. Though perhaps the healthiest option, this can take time and you will need to be careful that you're providing a balanced diet. There are many recipes available that can help you create a balanced diet for your dog, but you will need to make sure you follow these perfectly to make sure your dog doesn’t miss out on any vital nutrients. Following recipes and doing the research to figure out exactly what your dog needs can be challenging, though worthwhile. If you don't want to make all of your dog's food from scratch, using a base meal like one offered by The Honest Kitchen is a great way to go. It has all the nutrients your dog needs minus the meat, which can be great if your dog has sensitivities and you want more control over his diet. Feel free to make up your own meat to go with a base meal or add more veggies to it.

Option 3: Quality Dog Food

Yet another option is to purchase dog food from non-traditional dog food companies, like The Honest Kitchen. These companies focus on providing an easier alternative to home-cooked meals by putting together a food formula. The Honest Kitchen actually offers two different types of feeding options: base meals, and complete meals. The base meals offered by The Honest Kitchen are made for those looking for the flexibility and variety that supplementing can add to their dog food or homemade food. Proper diet and nutrition are as important for your furry friend’s health as it's yours. Luckily, you don’t have to stick to feeding your dog a bland, kibble diet. By weighing your options and deciding what works best for your own lifestyle, it's possible to offer your pet the food he needs and craves to be the happiest, healthiest companion he can be.

Holly Zynda

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