6 Squeaky-Clean Tips For Before and After Dog Bath Time

6 Squeaky-Clean Tips For Before and After Dog Bath Time

Rub-A-Dub! Here's what you need to have prepared before and after your dog gets into the tub.

Giving your dog a bath can be quite the process. It's not like when we jump into the shower—we humans tend to be a lot less messier (especially when it comes time to dry off). That's why it's important to have everything you need before and after your pooch gets into the bathtub or sink to ensure he stays in the tub and gets clean, and you stay dry (well, as dry as possible).


Dress down:

This is not the time to be trying on your new designer evening gown and Jimmy Choo shoes. Your best bet is some old clothes you can change out of when tub time is over. I prefer a pair of track or yoga pants, along with a t-shirt that's seen better days.

Shampoo selection:

Just like with your hair, the right shampoo makes all the difference. For the perfect fur day, choose a quality shampoo for your dog, especially if he has existing skin issues. And be sure to read the labels before buying—some shampoos are just made for puppies, while others are specially made for dogs with fleas and ticks.

Brush it out:

Give your dog's coat a good brushing before he goes into the water. This will help relax your pooch before tub time—a trick that works well with dogs who aren't fans of water. Brushing will also rid of any tangles or mats, which need to be removed before getting your dog wet.

Have everything you need tub side:

This includes towels, shampoo, conditioner, a wash cloth, a comb or brush, and treats. You don't want to be frantically searching for these bathing essentials while the water is running. You won't be guaranteed a happy if you leave unattended dog in a bathtub. That's a recipe for a wet dog mad dash, with your home as the soggy track.

Test the water:

Run the water over your arm or hand before your dog gets into the tub. It should be lukewarm—not too hot, not too cold. You don’t want your dog to be constantly shivering or to burn his skin.


Towel off:

If you don't want to get the completely soaked end of a shake down, wrap up your wet dog and rub him down gently. Don't forget the inside of his ears and around his eyes. If the weather or location is agreeable, feel free to take this part outside. That way, when he shakes off the access water, you won't mind if it gets messy.

Blow dry:

If you're planning on using a hair dryer on your dog, always be sure to keep it at a low and warm setting. Hold it at a distance, because you don’t want to burn his skin. Once your dog is dry, you may want to add additional beauty touch ups, like a hint of doggy cologne or a fancy hair bow. There's nothing that beats a fresh-smelling dog. So take a deep breath and enjoy your clean pup… while it lasts!

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