7 Great Things You Need to Know about Greyhounds

Here are seven great reasons why you should adopt a retired racing Greyhound.

April is National Greyhound Adoption Month. We thought this would be the ideal time to tell you all the fantastic reasons why you may want to rescue this dog breed. Here are seven great things you need to know about Greyhounds.

Greyhounds Fit Perfectly Into Apartments

They may be bigger than a Shih Tzu or Maltese, but make no mistake—Greyhounds are the perfect fit for apartments and condos. Even though they’re known to be speedy, these dogs need less exercise than other breeds, and love to loaf all day long. All they need is a comfy spot on the couch while you’re away at work, and you’ve got one happy dog on your hands! They’re quiet indoors, laid back, and love to lounge around in their favorite comfy spot.

If You’re Active, Greyhounds Can Keep Up

Yes, they love to be lazy, but they’re also up for an outdoor adventure whenever you are. Whether it’s hiking, walking, jogging, or playing, your Greyhound will keep up with the activity. If you just want to watch them run around at the dog park with their canine friends, let him run about without worry… Greyhounds easily make new friends, thanks to his polite personality.

If you’re Not Active, Greyhounds Are Cool with Lounging

You’re not big on outdoor activity and would rather binge watch Netflix, not to worry—your Greyhound will happily snooze by your side. In fact, many of these dogs would rather be sleeping all day… much like many of us! You’ll get a kick out of some of the positions your Greyhound will pull when sleeping—we’re sure they’d inspire a new yoga position.
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Greyhounds Are Extremely Laid Back

A sensitive breed, Greyhounds like to be with people who can give them a quiet, mellow home to live in. If you’re perfect day includes a daily walk and a chill evening at home, the Greyhound makes a wonderful date.

Greyhounds Fit Perfectly Into the Family

Your new Greyhound will fit right into your family without any trouble at all—in fact, it’ll be just like he’s always been there! Thanks to their gentle nature, retired racing Greyhounds thrive in a home environment. What makes them so special? Just a few of their trademark temperaments include been sweet, loving, quiet, and smart… the ideal roommate.

Greyhounds Are Extremely Affectionate

Cuddle up with a Greyhound. You’ll soon find that this breed is a never-ending source of affection and love. This dog will be your shadow, following you from room to room in your home. From morning to night, your Greyhound will always be happy to see you, and ready to lavish you with all the love and affection you require.

Greyhounds Boast Excellent Manners

An adopted Greyhound is an ideal roommate. Quiet, gentle, and reserved, the Greyhound has distinguished indoor manners. Guests will be welcomed by an eager yet restrained new friend, an easygoing buddy who will help steer the conversations to his impeccably good manners.

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