Meet Bravo: An Itchy Shih Tzu Who Finally Found Comfort

Meet Bravo: An Itchy Shih Tzu Who Finally Found Comfort

Bravo was a perfect fit for his first-time dog owner, Manny.

Bravo is a fun loving Shih Tzu who walks around as if he’s on the main stage of a theatre. He’s confident, proud, and even stubborn at times. At the time that Bravo was born, Manny was living with his aunt who is actually the owner of Bravo’s parents. Three years ago, his aunt decided to move to another state and they decided that it was in the best interest for Bravo to stay with Manny. Their relationship became inseparable and you could always find Bravo playing with his squeaky toys or snuggling on the couch—at least until the itchy, dry skin arrived. old pic of bravo 2

The Rolling Itches

Bravo’s itchy, dry skin was first detected when Manny noticed Bravo repeatedly rolling around on the floor. For some dogs, rolling around on the floor could be just a typical fun activity, but for Bravo, it was a way of relieving the severe irritation caused by his itchy, dry skin. At a closer look, Bravo’s fur was often matted and covered in flakes from him scratching so much. “Every time Bravo was brushed, flakes would just come out and after getting groomed, Bravo’s skin would be left pink and reddish,” says Manny. Additional issues that Bravo had included crusty eyes, low energy, and being overweight. “He was just very blah before,” says Manny, when describing Bravo’s health in the past. _MG_1748edited1

Search for a Solution

It soon crossed Manny’s mind that the itchy, dry skin and other issues could be a result of Bravo’s diet. “After I adopted him, I wanted to give him the best food possible,” states Manny. Previously, Bravo’s diet included the free feeding of dry kibble. The extensive research began and Manny said, “I’m a nursing student so we talk about nutritional values in foods in general. Doing my research about dog food, the dry kibble is all processed food. I learned that the nutritional value could be cut in half because of it being processed.” Soon after, Manny stumbled across The Honest Kitchen through different online forums and he was quickly intrigued by the reviews, testimonies, and information. “I’ve had Bravo try all of the major brands out there. Hearing that The Honest Kitchen is human grade and FDA approved is always good. The Honest Kitchen is in a league of it’s own!” Bravo transitioned from the free feeding of dry kibble to The Honest Kitchen's Grain Free Beef Recipe twice a day. After two months of The Honest Kitchen diet, there was a drastic change in Bravo’s skin and overall health. _MG_1741edited1

The Changes Were Drastic

Bravo’s skin is no longer itchy and dry and you won’t find him rolling around the ground unless it’s a result of his playful personality. In addition, Bravo’s fur does not get matted anymore, the redness in his skin disappeared, and his fur is even softer than before. Other improvements include the crust in Bravo’s eyes is gone, his energy level has increased significantly, and he is no longer overweight. Manny even goes on to mention, “I can even tell that Bravo is more hydrated.” The Honest Kitchen is now the meal of choice for Bravo! In fact, Bravo was not very excited about mealtime in the past, but now he rushes to the kitchen when he knows it’s time for lunch or dinner. “At one point I thought, ‘I wish Bravo was happy about food like other dogs.’ It went from turning his back on food to always running to it.” It has been about a year now since Bravo has switched to The Honest Kitchen and he has eaten the Duck and Cherry Nuzzles, Grain Free Beef Recipe, Grain Free Turkey Recipe, and his top choice—the Grain Free Fish Recipe. Manny loves that The Honest Kitchen is both healthy and tasty for Bravo. Bravo is now six years old, but is looking more youthful than ever before! IMG_33461

Bravo for The Honest Kitchen!

Manny plans to continue feeding Bravo The Honest Kitchen and is excited to spread the news about their experience. “Whenever I see people, I try to pass it along. I tell them that The Honest Kitchen is all natural, they give you all of the ingredients, and it’s FDA approved.” Through all of the research, Manny truly believes that he is investing in Bravo’s overall life and health by switching to The Honest Kitchen dog food. “As different as dogs are, they are the same as us. If we eat right, later on in life we’re going to be healthier. If we feed our dog right, later on in life they’re going to be healthier.” _MG_1652edited1_1 Want to discover more True Stories and how diet has played a positive role in the health of over 1,400 pets? Click here

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