Summer Dog Hacks

Summer Dog Hacks

From ingenious ways to keep cool to sun safety tips, we've got you and your furry friend covered when it comes to enjoying the dog days of summer.

Have a Pool Party

Baby pools—not just for tiny little humans. To blow your dog's mind (and make him love you even more than he already does) just fill a plastic kiddie pool with cold water and let him go wild. There's nothing better on a scorching hot day than a nice, refreshing dip. Just make sure that the pool that you choose isn't made of vinyl or any other material that could be punctured by enthusiastic paws or teeth.

Five Second Rule

According to some canine experts, dog owners should observe this simple rule when determining whether or not it's safe to take their furry friends out in the heat. Place the back of your hand on the pavement and press it down for 5 seconds. If you can't comfortably do this, it's too hot for your dog and you need to stick to grass or wait until the mercury drops. Try heading out at times of the day when it's less likely to be oppressively hot. Early in the morning or in the evenings as the sun goes down are great options.

Frosty Pops

Looking for a way to keep your dog nice and refreshed and spoil him rotten? Try serving up a batch of frozen bone broth pops! All you need is some beef bone broth, peanut butter, and an ice cube tray. Get the full Beef Bone Broth Frozen Treat Recipe here.

Take the Sting Away

If you spend a lot of time outside with your furry friend, chances are good that he'll experience the wrath of an angry bee at least once. If he gets stung, don't panic. Use a rigid piece of plastic (credit cards work nicely) to scrape out the stinger and apply a layer of baking soda paste (baking soda mixed with water.) If you notice significant swelling, contact your vet to get the go-ahead to give your dog a dose of Benadryl or find out if he needs to be brought in.

Combine Fashion and Function

Nothing is quite as fetching as a dog wearing a jaunty neckerchief. Make his next fashion statement the best one yet by soaking his scarf in cold water and popping it into the freezer for 20 minutes. Fasten around his neck to keep him feeling refreshed and fabulously stylish.

Know the Signs of Heat Stroke

Heat stroke can have devastating consequences if not treated quickly so it's a good idea to brush up on potential indicators. If you notice that your dog begins to act lethargic, confused, begins to pant excessively, and/or has a bright red tongue, you have good reason to be concerned. Treat these symptoms as serious and seek veterinary assistance ASAP. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Kate Walker

Kate is a writer and a lifelong lover of dogs. She regularly volunteers with rescue organizations and counts her years spent working alongside a therapy dog as a personal highlight. She's the proud parent of a beautiful Golden Retriever (and a tiny human, too) and is happiest when spending time with her pack.
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