Top 10 Dog Breeds Most Content to Cuddle on the Couch

Top 10 Dog Breeds Most Content to Cuddle on the Couch

Need a fellow couch surfer who’s just as content sitting on your lap as running laps?

There are some breeds that are more mellow then others. Of course, all dogs need exercise in order to keep their weight at a healthy number and to burn off energy. But there are dog breeds that don't need to be on the GO, GO, GO all the time. They like to chillax, take it easy, celebrate their downtime and contemplate deep thoughts ("I swear she threw the ball, so how did it end up behind her back?"). Take a seat and make room for one of these dogs who like to dawdle.


He didn't choose the Pug life—it chose him. And the Pug life is sweet. There's plenty of loafing for this chill canine. Besides, the Pug wasn't made for athletic abilities. Because of his smooched, flat face, this dog has compact breathing passageways. He still needs to move, but make sure you don't overdo it.

Shih Tzu

Bred to be a companion, the Shih Tzu is happy and affectionate. Excelling in all kinds of lap sports (sleeping, napping, resting, snoozing), this little fur ball can live anywhere—houses and apartments, he doesn't care, as long as he can follow you around and you provide him with a comfy pillow to rest his pampered head.
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Great Dane

Because of their size, many people are surprised to learn that Great Danes do well in condos and apartments. That's because they're very mellow—all they need is a couch or bed to veg out on and they're content to loaf.
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French Bulldog

He may have started out as a ratter, but the French Bulldog (also known as the Frenchie) has embraced his modern role as companion and lover of the simple life. Known as humorous and mischievous, the French Bulldog will entertain in between naps. However, it may be hard to find this breed, so expect to be placed on a reputable breeder's waiting list.
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English Bulldog

It's not hard to keep up with the Bulldog's fitness needs—a brief walk and a nap on the sofa is his perfect speed. In the past, the Bulldog was used for a sport called bullbaiting, but the modern bully is nothing like its ancestor. One of the most popular dogs in North America, pet parents will need to take special care to ensure not to overfeed—obesity can be common in Bulldogs, thanks to their lack of exercise ambition.
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Basset Hound

Sure, he'll hunt for small game if you want, but it'll be at a slow-pace. Because this laid-back breed is heavy and low to the ground, his movement tends to be deliberate and steady, which means he doesn’t mind taking things easy. They make great awesome lap dogs and will happily chill with you while you watch TV.
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Irish Wolfhound

Here's another gentle giant on our list. He may have been used to hunt deer, boars and wolves in the past, but times have changed. This sweet-natured sighthound wants to do whatever you're doing. After a long walk, expect him to loaf for the rest of the day.


Bred as companions for the imperial family of China, the Pekingese still expects to be pampered. Why walk when you can be carried, asks this dignified dog. The Pekingese prefers to be the only dog in the household, so he would make a wonderful, mellow pet for seniors and singles living in condos or apartments.

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested breed was bred to be a wonderful companion. This means you can lie in bed or read for hours without hearing a peep or bark from this dog. He'll soon bond to you and follow you around like a shadow—the perfect bed buddy to cuddle up with on cold nights.

Neapolitan Mastiff

There's no hurry—the Neapolitan Mastiff is cool, calm and collected with his slow, lumbering stride. The party can wait until he gets there and he's in no rush. The dog loves to sprawl, so you'll need the space for him to relax in comfort.

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