What to Put in Your Pet’s Stocking

What to Put in Your Pet’s Stocking

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care…and don’t you even think about leaving your pet’s sock bare!

Beloved holiday classics aside, stockings are an all-important tradition in many families—and since your pet is, undoubtedly, an adored member of your family, it just makes sense to spoil her with her own stocking this holiday season. Here’s what you need to know to ensure that your pet is a proper participant in the holiday magic.

Start with the Stocking

Picking out the perfect stocking for your pet is all part of the fun. If your family has matching or themed stockings, it just makes sense to keep that theme going for your pet’s stocking. Opting for something personalized is another good idea: think poodle print for a poodle or embroider the trim with your pet’s name. Don’t feel like you need to get your pet a full-sized stocking. A smaller sized stocking will ensure that you focus on quality over quantity—and it will look extra-cute next to your family’s regular sized stockings. We promise your pet won’t be offended.

Add Something Edible

No stocking is complete without your pet’s favorite snack. Whether you pick up an over-the-top customized treat from that fancy pet boutique in town or stick with a bag of your pet’s all-time favorite treat, an edible present is guaranteed to go over well with your four-legged friend. Treats also tend to be on the smaller side, making them a super easy stocking stuffer.

Throw in a Classic

If your dog loves anything with a squeaker, then don’t try to reinvent the wheel—get her something with a squeaker! You know your pet’s tastes and what kind of toy gets her tail wagging, so give her something that you know she’ll adore.

Sneak a Surprise

Once you’ve covered your bases by playing to your pet’s tried-and-true favorites, throw in a little something new and completely different than anything she’s ever seen before. Maybe she’ll discover a new #1 toy—or maybe her puzzled reaction to the new gift will have the family howling with laughter. The holidays are all about having fun, so sneak in a stocking stuffer that is as entertaining for you as it is for your pet.

Perfectly Practical Presents

While stockings are all about fun and surprises, it never hurts to add a few practical items to help fill the sock. An extra roll of bags, a new leash to replace an old mangled one, or a fresh dog tag that reflects your new address or phone number—these may not be the most exciting presents, but if you help your pet unwrap it with enthusiasm, she’ll be all over it. Going heavy on the practical gifts is especially a good idea if you’re preparing a stocking for someone else’s pet—the pet’s mom or dad is sure to appreciate items that are useful well after the holidays.

… and Something Just for Fun, Too

True—no pet needs a bandanna in her owner’s school colors or a spangled holiday-themed collar—but there’s no harm in adding one totally impractical, over-the-top special something to your pet’s stocking. After all, the holidays only come once a year. If you really want to get your pet matching pajamas for the annual family Christmas morning portrait, then this is the time to do it!

To Wrap or Not to Wrap?

Some families like to wrap each and every stocking stuffer, while others put them in unwrapped. Whatever your tradition is, there’s no harm in replicating it for your pet’s stocking. However, if you choose to wrap the stocking’s contents, it goes without saying that a two-legged family member should help your pet empty her stocking. Things can get crazy around the holidays—best to keep the wrapping paper and tape out of your pet’s mouth!

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