8 Tips to Teach Your Dog to Go Outside in the Rain

8 Tips to Teach Your Dog to Go Outside in the Rain

Does your dog dislike going outside in the rain?

Sure, you can’t blame Fido for wanting to stay cozy in his bed when the weather outside is frightful. But, at some point, he’ll have to make the trek to the back yard to take care of business. Here are eight tips to positively teach your dog to go outside even when it’s raining.

Create a positive experience with the outdoors

Going outside should be a consistent, positive experience for your dog. Don’t wait until the conditions are less than ideal to start training. Spend some time outdoors playing or walking together when there’s only a light drizzle. Help your dog become comfortable with wet grass and rain by rewarding her while outside.

Teach a ‘Hurry’ Command

When it’s time to go outside, use a cue word, such as HURRY, to indicate he should get straight to business—no sniffing or lollygagging. Say the cue over and over while your dog is eliminating. Immediately praise your dog at completion of the task and make a beeline for the door. This teaches your dog he will be rewarded and can quickly retreat back to his cozy bed.

Grab your raincoat and go outside

A good leader never asks someone to do something they wouldn’t do. So, grab your raincoat or umbrella and go outside with your dog. You may need a leash to get her past the threshold, but having you by her side will give her more confidence to venture into the rain.

Take a quick walk

It’s pouring, you’re drenched and Fluffy is nowhere close to holding up her end of the deal. Don’t fret. Sometimes you have to get things moving. Take your dog for a quick walk around the yard or the neighborhood. A few sniffs of some interesting mailboxes or trees should do the trick.

Keep your dog on leash

Even if your dog normally goes outside alone, a snapping branch or cracking thunder can easily spook pets, and they may dart in the wrong direction or try to escape. If you must go outside during heavy rain or storms, keep your dog close and safe on a fabric leash.

Create an outdoor area with cover

Some dogs are more resistant than others when it comes to rain. If this is the case, find an outdoor area that’s covered and suitable for you dog to use, such as a patio, sunroom or balcony. You can even purchase a synthetic grass patch, like this one, for easy cleanup.

Buy a dog raincoat

If your neck of the woods sees frequent rain, consider investing in a raincoat for your dog. A raincoat, like this one, will keep her coat dry, free of wet-dog smell and warm.

Dry your pet quickly and thoroughly

If you don’t have a raincoat or your dog doesn’t like wearing one, make sure to quickly and thoroughly dry off your pet when he comes inside. You can keep an old towel handy by your door. Dry each paw, underneath his belly, his back and gently around the face. And remember...reward, reward, reward. A treat makes even the most undesirable experiences better.

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