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5 Pet-Safe Plants for Your Home

When it comes to building a pet-safe home, it's important to take the kinds of indoor plants we are growing into consideration.

Most of us are aware there are plants out there that are toxic to our furry friends. Many plants have an array of deadly side effects when ingested, and unfortunately, our pets don’t always read the ingredients labels. That said, there are also many safe houseplants available—some of which can even be beneficial. From spider plants to peppermint, here's a handy list of five pet-approved plants for your home.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are a great, pet-safe, low-maintenance addition to any home. According to Decoist, "spider plants thrive when placed next to a window. This plant should dry out between waterings, which gives you plenty of time to remember to hydrate it.” In addition to being easy to care for, spider plants are also easy to cultivate. This plant is famous for sending off long trailers from the main plant, upon which tiny, miniature versions of itself will grow. Snip off a few and gift them to a friend who is also looking for some pet-safe greenery to add to their decor.

African Violet

Many flowering houseplants are considered toxic, but the African Violet, with its delicate blooms and fuzzy leaves, is a perfectly safe addition to the home. If you do decide to grow one of these purple or pink beauties in your home, however, some caution is warranted. Many African Violets are grown in special pots that are made to soak the plant in a water and fertilizer mix. While the plant itself is harmless to your four-legged pal, the fertilizer used to keep your plant happy may be toxic. Make sure Fido stays out of the water and soil, or, better yet, try to find a pet-safe fertilizer alternative.

Areca and Ponytail Palms

Not all palms are safe around pets, but if you are a palm lover who can’t resist having some variety of palm in your home, you aren’t completely out of luck. The popular Areca Palm and striking Ponytail Palm are both pet-safe and centerpiece worthy.


Bamboo is a popular minimalist choice in many homes. All species of bamboo are safe for your pet. Many companies even use bamboo wood in pet products and as dog chews. Though you may not want Fido chewing on your decor, you can rest easy knowing that he would be safe if he did.


Peppermint is a perfect choice for someone looking not only for a bit of greenery, but also for a beneficial herb that can be added to both dog and human menus alike. “Your pet will find the leaves of the peppermint herb, which does well in both sun and shade, useful for indigestion and nausea,” according to PetMD. Like peppermint, many other herbs are considered pet-safe and may even offer benefits to your furry friend. Don’t assume it is safe for your dog if it is safe for human consumption, however. There are a few herbs, including garlic and pennyroyal, that are toxic to dogs.

Holly Zynda

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