Dog licking a KONG toy

The 3 Best Ways to Stuff a KONG

Our cowoofers love a stuffed KONG!

And there are many reasons we love to serve them. They're a great way to keep your pet entertained while treating them to something healthy and delicious. Plus, they serve as a great source of mental stimulation which can help with anxiety and destructive behavior caused by boredom. There are many ways to serve Honest Kitchen in conjunction with a KONG. Here are 3 of our favorite ways:

KONG + Honest Kitchen's dehydrated recipes

Our dehydrated recipes in a KONG is a classic combo! Whether you're looking to slow down your dog's eating, or just looking for a couple of extra minutes of quiet time while you're on a Zoom call, this is one of our favorite ways to keep dogs busy. We like to seal the KONG with a little pet-friendly peanut butter or a treat to ensure nothing falls out. This can serve as a snack or even a meal for pups who tend to gobble down their food too fast.

KONG + Honest Kitchen's Pâté and Stews

Our latest obsession is to use our new wet foods in a KONG. This has quickly become a crowd favorite due to the palatability of our Butcher Block Pâté and One Pot Stews. These wet food varieties come in Tetra Paks and are less processed and fresher than cans, which make them a great option for those looking to boost their dog's health and nutrition. Tip: If you're using the One Pot Stews, we'd recommend putting tape on the bottom of the KONG, filling with Stew and freezing for a mess-free, long-lasting treat. Just remember to remove the tape before serving!

KONG and Butcher Block Pate

KONG + Honest Kitchen's Wet Toppers

Another easy way to stuff a KONG is to use Honest Kitchen's wet toppers. While this won't serve as a complete and balanced meal, this option is great for a mid-day snack between meals. These toppers are a healthy and tasty addition to any dog's diet, come in a variety of flavors, and have just a few ingredients. Plus, the easy-to-use box makes pouring into a KONG a simple and easy way to treat your dog to a protein-rich snack.

We've used KONGS over the years for many reasons, from crate training to keeping busy puppies distracted, and everything in between. You can always freeze any of the above suggestions for a longer-lasting treat that'll buy you some extra quiet time. We love keeping a couple in the freezer ready to go at any minute and we suggest you do the same! Please remember to always supervise your dog while feeding and checkout KONG's suggestions on how to find the appropriate toy for your dog based on their size and chewing style.

Brandy Vachal

Brandy Vachal Moore is a dog mom to three pint-sized dogs: Donnatella the Maltese, Ernie the Yorkie-Maltese mix and Rico the Chihuahua. When she’s not defending her personal space from three dogs who know no boundaries. Brandy enjoys anything fitness related, traveling, hiking, and being outdoors in the San Diego sunshine. She loves all things social media and journalism and has worked for The Honest Kitchen for the past 5 years.
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