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The Best Organic Dog Toys and Treats

We live in an increasingly health-conscious era.

Pet owners are becoming more and more concerned with how their pet’s food, toys, and treats are made and the ingredients in those pet items. You want to know that anything your animal is likely to consume is non-toxic; it’s also an added bonus is that toy or treat is sustainably produced. That said, the words “organic,'' “green”, and “all-natural” get thrown around a lot and it can be difficult to determine which items are the real deal for your pet. Read on for some truly organic toy and treat for your best fur friend.

Elk and Deer Sheds for Dogs

A favorite go-to for heavy chewers, elk and deer antlers can typically be found at your local pet store. These are as organic as it getslong-lasting, and unlike many plastic toys, will eventually biodegrade. It should be noted that dogs need to be monitored while chewing since bone fragments can splinter and become lodged in their jowls or throat. This occurrence is extremely rare, but better safe than sorry. You should also monitor your dog’s teeth since antlers can, on occasion, cause chipping. Look for “Naturally Shed”, an Honest Kitchen favorite is the KONG Wild line.

Puzzle Balls with Organic Treats for Dogs

If you are environmentally conscious, you know that it can be very difficult to find toys that your pet doesn’t destroy almost immediately, thus landing it in a landfill. Many pet owners, particularly those with large breed dogs or heavy chewers, will resort to tennis balls as toys. Unfortunately, these can contain toxic chemicals and are difficult to recycle. But, never fear, because puzzle balls are durableand there are several brands on the market that are non-toxic! While the balls themselves might not be organic, you can reuse them for years and years—and you can fill them with amazing treats which are organic! The classic KONG will never disappoint if your dog loves peanut butter—but if you want to make your dog do a bit more brain work, consider giving a Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball a shot. Inside your puzzle ball, consider using the Smooches, Nuzzles, Pecks, and Cuddles Bite-Sized Cookies from The Honest Kitchen. They come in a variety of flavors, including Chicken and Cranberry, and are made without any by-products, preservatives, GMOs, corn, wheat, or soy.

A Good Ol’ Pumpkin for Dogs

You’ve probably heard that pumpkin can help with a dog’s upset stomach. It can also make for an excellent chew toy even when they’re not ill. You can steam it, puree it, and also make delicious pumpkin toy treats. Giving your dog raw pumpkin is also completely safe. Consider slicing the innards and discarding the seeds and rind to make an easy, raw chew. Anything that is leftover, and there won’t be much, is compostable.

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