Be a Life Saver: Why You Should Consider Fostering a Dog

Be a Life Saver: Why You Should Consider Fostering a Dog

When you open your heart and your home to a rescue dog, you're in for much more than a new furry friend.

Support Shelters

By fostering dogs in need, you're not just saving the life of one dog, you're helping rescue organizations save the lives of dogs around the country and giving them a chance of a wonderful fur-ever home. We can all agree that adopting a pet from a shelter is a marvelous thing to do. But what you might not be aware of is that shelters are also in need of foster parents to look after dogs in their own homes for shorter periods.

Dog fostering is a crucial service employed by non-profit shelters that are often volunteer-operated. Many of these organizations don't have the funds to rent or buy a building to house all the animals and rely on foster families to open their homes to these abandoned or stray dogs. There are too many homeless dogs for the country’s shelters to accommodate. Animal shelters do what they can, but their space and resources can only go so far.

Home Environment

Just like fostering a child, dogs in need of a home are cared for by people in their homes rather than at a shelter. These foster dogs benefit from the normalcy of a home environment and the development of close relationships with their temporary people until permanent homes are found.

Get Started

You'd be amazed at how many shelters in your area are looking for foster homes. To get started, find a location that works for you, fill out an application, and once it's been approved, the shelter will work with you to find a foster dog that is right for your home and family. After that, all you have to do is provide your foster dogs with all the love and care they deserve until they can be placed with their new family.

Saying Goodbye

Yes, you'll grow to love your furry little charge, but the reward far outweighs the loss when it's time for your foster dog to go to his permanent home. You'll see first-hand the change you made in a dog's life, especially when they come from abusive situations. To start out life in a place like a puppy mill and end up in a happy, loving home, that little piece of your heart that breaks when you let him go will be filled with joy and you'll be ready to foster another dog that desperately needs your help and love.

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