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Ingredients are everything

Our suppliers say we're annoying to work with—

Because we've got such high standards
(& we're cool with that)

From eggs and salmon to pumpkin and parsley, we only use wholesome foods you recognize from your own kitchen. To meet our uncompromising standards, our suppliers must provide proof of food origins, screening, handling, cleaning and more. We only source from folks we know and trust, including a few we started with back in 2002. And, what we leave out is as important as what we put in.

Ingredients with integrity

100% fresh product
  • No GMO Ingredients
  • No 'feed grade' ingredients or meat meals
  • No fillers or feed grade by-products
  • No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
  • No corn, wheat or soy
100% of the produce we buy is non-genetically modified
97% of Whole Food Clusters ingredients are from North America
70% of our dehydrated recipes ingredients are from North America

Last year we used:

fresh product more than 8,300,000 lbs
of non-GMO produce
fresh product 2,993,523 lbs of organic
grains and produce
fresh product 1,290,629 lbs of humanely
raised, free range chicken
fresh product 281,000 lbs of Marine Stewardship
Council (MSC) certified fish
better chicken commitment

Several of our recipes, including our dehydrated line, use free range, GAP-certified chickens. By 2024 all chicken recipes will be GAP Certified. Read our Better Chicken Commitment.

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Our Certified Organic quinoa is grown by hundreds of independent family micro-farmers who use regenerative agriculture practices as part of a cooperative in Bolivia.

organic quinoa

Sourcing Map

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Keeping it real

The key to retaining all the nutrients, taste and delicious aromas that come from whole food ingredients is to not remove them in the first place. At The Honest Kitchen, we ditch the heavy processing of feed grade foods in favor of a gentler approach– like cold pressing, slow roasting and dehydrating.

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That goes for our new Whole Food Clusters and our dehydrated foods.

  • Minimally processed to hold onto important nutrients.
  • Contains finely ground, whole food ingredients to ease digestion.
  • Retain the colors and aromas of their ingredients, making them far more appetizing to your pets.

Dehydrated Foods

Our time-honored and original technique for preserving the quality of our food.


Whole Food Clusters

Our MADEHONEST™ process brings new convenience to 100% human grade.