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It takes more than wholesome ingredients to make pet food held to the highest standards. It takes a dedicated team of like-minded pet lovers, eager to ask the right questions, roll up their sleeves and dig around for better answers.

Our recipe for success —

The Honest Kitchen started with a simple question. “Why?”

Our founder, Lucy Postins, asked, “Why is my dog having skin problems and ear infections—could it be his diet?”

And that “why” led to others:
Why are quality standards for pet food so much lower than for people food?
Why do companies say “natural ingredients” but refuse to share their sources?
Why are most popular pet foods so heavily processed?

The unsatisfying answers to these questions (and more) led us to create far better options. Over 15 years, we’ve crafted a full line of 100% human-grade foods that are far safer, healthier and more delicious than most mass-produced brands.

We make and serve the best food possible to the pets we love, and help so many passionate pet lovers do the same.

If your furry companions eagerly lap up their current food and show all the signs of true happiness and health, keep up the good work. But if you ever find them shy of 100%, please ask our favorite question. “Why?” A higher quality food just might be the answer.

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Lucy Postins

The Honest Kitchen co-founder and friend to Willow, Taro and Parker

Our Founding Foodie

In 2002, when Lucy Postins started whipping up healthy, homemade people food for her dog Mosi, she had no idea it was a recipe for a company.

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We’ve adopted many pets and —

A few principles.

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    “Transparency” is quite the buzzword these days but, for us, the truth is a foundation not a fad. We want you to have the full scoop on our ingredients, suppliers, facilities and methods because trust isn’t granted—it’s earned.

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    Safety. Purity. Superiority. Certainty. These are the words we use everyday to make sure we always stay faithful to our mission. We’d rather quit making pet food than make anything less than the best.

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    We owe it to our pets, customers, suppliers, sellers, team, industry, community and planet to act in their interests as much as our own. We nurture with food, of course, but we nurture relationships, too.

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    There’s nothing quite like the loyalty, energy and love we share with our pets. We want to approach our jobs, and lives, with similar zest. When food’s safer and healthier, happier is sure to follow.

Take a walk through —

Our history.



Lucy Postins wanted to help her dog, Mosi, with some health issues and had a hunch that diet would help. She started making his meals in her own kitchen and discovered that dehydrating whole foods was the way to go. Mosi licked his bowl clean and his ailments cleared up, too. Lucy realized she was onto something and started selling her food from her home.

2003 - 2005

2003 - 2005

In response to numerous requests, Lucy added a grain-free meal to her product line (originally sold in buckets!) And she grew her family as well, giving birth to a beautiful baby girl who was often seen with mom and dad at trade shows.

  • Approved to use the term Human Grade by the FDA
  • Introduced grain-free meals and dog cookies
  • Employees: 2
2006 - 2008

2006 - 2008

By 2006, things were really moving, so we did too. Our search for a bigger workspace turned up a gem in San Diego’s historic Wonder Bread building. CNBC even stopped by to film.

  • Launched new fish jerky, a complete fish diet, and grain-free beef and turkey meals
  • Introduced limited ingredient meals and new cookies
  • Moved to more eco-friendly boxes and packaging
  • Employees: 11
2009 - 2011

2009 - 2011

Production was on the rise in 2009 and earned us a feature on Food Network’s show Will Work for Food. Soon after, Outside Magazine declared working at The Honest Kitchen, "a dream job.”

  • Launched new fish jerky, a complete fish meal, and grain-free beef and turkey meals.
  • Published our first recipe book, Made Out of Love
  • Employees: 16
2012 - 2014

2012 - 2014

In 2012, we celebrated 10 years in business. BusinessWeek even paired one of our meals with a Chardonnay in their feature on gourmet, human-grade dog foods. We won a coveted Nexty Award, identifying The Honest Kitchen as a thought leader, innovator and “next big thing” in natural products.

  • Renewed our FDA approval to use the term ‘Human Grade’ on packaging
  • Launched 7 new products including a new line of pure-meat treats
  • Employees: 18
2015 - 2017

2015 - 2017

Taking a stand for our four-legged friends, our founder Lucy Postins was named a "Women of Influence" by Pet Age. Lucy was also featured in Forbes twice for her outstanding ethical and entrepreneurial efforts.

  • Lucy publishes her first book, Dog Obsessed, with a forward by Jane Lynch
  • Introduced 7 more products
  • Employees: 45
2018 - 2019

2018 - 2019

Our customers were clear. They wanted us to make a dry food for dogs, one with all the health and safety benefits of 100% human grade, but without the prep work. So we pioneered the patented Madehonest™ process to deliver Whole Food Clusters, a first-of-its-kind pet food.

Other 2018 highlights include:

  • Launched a new line of wet toppers called Pour Overs.
  • Introduced 32 new or updated products – biggest launch in company history!
  • Employees: 55
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  • 2006 - 2008
  • 2009 - 2011
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  • 2018 - 2019
Our Team —

Meet the people behind people food for pets.

Across from San Diego Bay, in the historic Wonder Bread building, a group of passionate, pet-loving and slightly food-obsessed people put their collective energies and enthusiasm into making the highest quality pet food you can buy. And in field offices around the country, our dedicated sales team works tirelessly to make those nutritious and delicious meals available to you.

Regardless of the roles we play at The Honest Kitchen, we share a love and respect for animals, their owners and the planet we all live on. It’s why we source the best ingredients, create the healthiest and tastiest recipes, and take such good care of our customers.

We hope our foods work wonders for your pets. If they do, please recommend them to your friends and family — it’s the highest compliment we get.

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