Uncompromising Quality Assurance

We believe pets deserve —

Human Grade for the highest quality & safety

As a company of proud pet lovers, and pet owners, we believe that dogs and cats deserve the highest quality foods that nourish the body. That’s why we invented the standard of Human Grade pet food back in 2002, which is really a standard for top notch Quality and safety.

Unlike feed grade pet food, which is a lower quality than human food, being human grade means a whole host of extra measures to ensure the quality and safety standards for all our complete and balanced foods. Since our foods, supplements, toppers are actually made in plants that conform to all human food standards, our quality assurance program is designed to attest to the necessary standards that would apply if a human were to be the end consumer.

Human Grade Quality and Safety Seal

Human Grade Pet Food

  • 1st Honest Kitchen is the world's first human grade food for pets
  • Person icon Meets the same strict standards as food for people
  • Apron icon Made in a human food facility
  • Apple icon The same quality ingredients food in healthy people food

Feed Grade Pet Food

  • 1000+ More than 1,000 pet food brands are feed grade
  • Cow head icon Meets the basic standards set for livestock feed
  • Factory icon Made in a pet food factory
  • Caution icon Ingredients my include by-products, intestines and "4D" meats (dying, dead, diseased or disabled)

A higher standard of quality assurance.

We have an extensive sampling program for our finished goods, and test at an independent third-party laboratory to make sure every batch is free and clear of pathogens, such as E. coli, salmonella, and listeria. The laboratory also checks numerous other food safety and quality indicators.

Our strict Test, Hold and Release Program means no finished goods are released into distribution until the test results come back.

We also conduct routine laboratory tests to ensure our foods meet the correct nutritional profiles, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

At the end of the day, human grade is a standard, not a slogan, and we’re incredibly proud to offer products that are meaningfully different from almost everything else in the industry.

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Three Tiers of Safety

Tier 1

Ingredient Hazard Analysis/
Risk Assessment

  • Green checkmark Part of HACCP™ system
  • Green checkmark FDA and USDA requirement for human foods
  • Green checkmark Ingredients arrive with a lot specific certificate of analysis (COA) and / or undergoes testing to verify chemistry, physical, and microbiological requirements
Tier 2

Supplier Code
of Conduct

  • Green checkmark Complete supply supporting documentation, renewed annually
  • Green checkmark Human edible status:
    • Statement of country of origin
    • COS parameters
    • Support docs for Non-GMO claim
    • Guarantee nothing from China
Tier 3


  • Green checkmark Audited by a third-party food safety expert
  • Green checkmark Follows Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Green checkmark Production facility conforms to 21 CFR 117 (the FDA regulations for human food)

We believe all pets deserve food that's safe, tasty and nourishing for the body and soul