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meet Sampson, age 1

So far he has tried Keen and Love and LOVES them both! He continues to luck his dish...
Products used: Love, Keen, Revel
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meet Coon, age 4

When Coon was 1 year old, she developed a life-threatening reaction to a vaccine. After...
Products used: Thrive, Spruce
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meet Lola , age 8

Our Lola is a 120lb+ picky eater with recurring urinary tract issues. She will go on a...
Products used: Keen
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meet Calypso, age 3

Calypso is an island dog from Turks and Caicos called a Potcake. She has severe anxiety...
Products used: Revel
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meet Pepper, age 16

I started Pepper on Honest Kitchen less than 5 months ago and the difference in this...
Products used: Keen
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meet Nathan, age 12

Nathan was diagnosed with Pheochromocytoma, which is a cancerous tumor on his adrenal...
Products used: Keen, Preference, Kindly
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meet Chief, age 5y

I rescued Chief when he was 3, malnourished (52lbs.) and severely infected with black...
Products used: Brave, Pro Bloom, Instant G...
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meet Petunia, age 10

Petunia was 25 lbs at her heaviest and we had a pancreatitis scare. The vet told me I...
Products used: Zeal
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meet Lulu, age 10

Lulu has been a very picky eater from the day we brought her home as a tiny puppy. She...
Products used: Preference, Kindly
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