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Puggle — Age 10
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I look good in formalwear.
Alby is a 10 years old pug. We have been feeding him THK for 3 years. He was eating dry dog food all his life and got very sick 3 1/2 years ago. He was drinking an abnormal amount of water and and started having some incontinence issues a couple times a day inside the house. I walked him 4 times a day, still not enough. We spent too much money on vet bills, tests (blood test, urine test, ultrasounds) and still was unable to determine the cause for his incontinence. I tried to switch him to other premium brand dry dog food, however it still didn't solve the problem. I did some dry dog food research online and I realized I been feeding him garbage food all these years. I searched for human grade dog food and discovered THK. I went to the pet store and asked for a sample and bought the 10 lb box. After we switched to THK, Alby's issues were resolved. He didn't need to drink as much water and slowly he didn't have accident at home. Alby and I are so happy with THK. He is a healthy senior dog.
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