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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 5
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Alexander was always a little picky but as he got older, he got more refined. Before switching to Honest Kitchen, his meals were a mix of supplements along with canned and dry food. It had to be the right consistency or he wouldn't eat it. Dry kibble was the worst, he'd pick at it but he'd wait it out for a couple of meals if the kibble wasn't mixed with something. He rarely had solid stools and would get gassy too often for our liking. After moving, he also had some gastrointestinal inflammation that caused vomiting and general discomfort. Now that we've changed his food, after the standard adjustment period, he eats his food with more gusto, gas is almost non existent and the inflammation has settled. Most dogs are fond of human food over processed food, he now gets a healthy serving of food that's for him. I feel better knowing what he's eating, especially because we never figured out what didn't agree with him in the other foods. Happy, healthy and full of good things, Alexander is much better across the board with his new diet.
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