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Bulldog — Age 11
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I grabbed the camera & took a pic cuz I knew my husband wouldn't believe me I had to have proof.
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Playing with neighbors dog
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After an hour of playing outside came in to lay on cold floor & rest
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now how much better she is looking wouldn't even know she is 11 years old

I am here to say that feeding this whole vegetable mix where you add in your own meat has done wonders for my aging Bulldog Angel. I recently bought a Cane Corso Puppy who was started with a raw diet from the breeders and when seeing their dogs with no skin issues and coat so shiny and bight I decided to do research. After doing much research I decided to put my Angel on a raw diet as well. After All what could it hurt, all her life we have battled nothing but problems since she was a puppy with itching, allergies, immune system etc. she wasn't a well bred dog and had many issues. I read how some would see differences in a matter of 2 weeks, I just blew it off as yeah ok. Well I am here to tell you, It is true I cannot believe how my senior bulldog is actually playing daily for hours with the puppy, playing tug o war running acting as if she was a puppy herself. For months she has done nothing but lay around seeming to just be getting old, I was preparing myself for her to go soon. Well what a change after just two weeks. It's the best thing I could have done. She loves the taste of the vegetable & fruit mix and I just mix in some hamburger meat or cut up chicken even ground turkey. This has really been an amazing turn around for my senior pet that I thought I was about to be losing when she has done a complete 180 degree turn around. I do base this on the new diet I have her on rather than kibble. NO more skin issues I haven't seen her itch herself in over a month absolutely amazing. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't try this myself & proof is it has worked & I am so happy she seems to be feeling better. Wish I would have done this for her daughter that passed at the age of 7 yrs. old. Luckily mom is still living and is acting so much better than her whole life. She can even jump up on the bench in front of my bed and that's where she has been sleeping lately. I couldn't believe she actually got up there herself. I woke up and saw her up on the bench & was in disbelief.

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