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Bulldog — Age 0
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Giving us a pose
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“Bae”con the Bulldog, with a face like that, you can only give him the best

When getting my bulldog 2 years ago I had a ton to learn about this special breed. Bulldogs are known for their chronic problems, from food allergies to skin issues. With all my learnings I knew the most important thing was to get him on a proper diet cause you are what you eat! We switched from kibble to dehydrated food very early on. We knew we had to get him on a grain free diet so we started him on the grain free Chicken and switched to Beef but quickly realized both meats didn’t sit well with him. Luckily there was one last option of fish which originally would have been his best option with all the plus benefits of fish intake. It took a little time to find the right ratios of water to food to get the proper consistency, too much water is like soup and too little is like plaster. He did have to warm up to the fish but after some weeks he was just fine. I’m super grateful for THK. It’s helped in so many ways, I even did homemade dog food for a few months at one point before committing. I’m really glad they have a rewards program to create small ways of saving, especially it being a pricier dog food compared to others. It’s definitely worth a try!

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