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Chihuahua — Age 9
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Beef hearts Bambina never tried before are ready to be sprinkled with her BELOVED BROTH!
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She seems to be LOVING the concoction!
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My cat decided to try it too......
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Seems that there will be one more "customer" of Honest Kitchen Broth!!

Approaching half a century in age, I have ALWAYS been a so-called “cat person”...:) Although all my feline companions somehow ended up acting “dog-like” – shy of barking only, really (they would follow me everywhere around, go for short walks on a leash), I have always found cats to be cuddlier, “purr-ier” species. Also – uncomplicated eaters (being from Europe originally, I never bought into feeding poisonous kibble to pets, pushed on pet owners here in US by ads and vets) – so I would always feed my cats a combination diet of raw, home-cooked and some wet can food, and all my cats including my current kitty have been thriving. Then, two months ago, my boss’s sister announced that she needed to get rid of her rescue chihuahua – pronto. Being of a kind heart – and a good employee...:) – I volunteered taking the dog without thinking first. And without having all the facts: the 9-year old dog was adopted from the shelter 5 years prior and apparently have had a plethora of problems: submissive peeing, separation anxiety peeing, being-in-new-place peeing, the fear of human males, other dogs and ...wind, and -of course, digestive issues – intolerance to fat such as in salmon (even poached) or ground turkey (if less than 95%), etc. Problems, which I was discovering over daily clean-ups of pee and diarrhea. So, one weekend I locked myself in the house, and me and my laptop spent entire Saturday and Sunday plowing through overwhelming online info about canine behavior, training and nutrition. After 2 days I emerged a little paler (I live in Nevada’s desert), but armed with some names of food brands I wanted to try, Honest Kitchen being one of them. I quickly located neighborhood pet boutique store that carried Instant Beef Bone Broth and (dehydrated) Grain Free Chicken Recipe. Looking first at the re-hydrated meal – colorful pulp resembling some of my cooking attempts during a 1-year attempt a while ago at becoming a vegetarian – I said to myself: “No way in hell this dog would touch it.” But, girls and gents, the dog DID touch it, dug into it, and licked away last bits. The meal seemed to be quickly and easily processed by my Chi’s system, producing long awaited normal digestion (if you know what I mean :). I mix the meal with the instant broth that became my true savior in itself: I always keep the cup of it ready in the fridge, and pour 1-2 teaspoons over all other food I feed Bambina. It helps her try some new and unfamiliar flavors, and it helps me feel happy knowing her food has moisture and nutrients, and the taste she loves!

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