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Malamute — Age 10
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his first ball after rehabbing and becoming one of the family

Bennett is a Husky/Malamute mix. He was found wandering the Ozarks in Missouri. We awoke to find him on our picnic table. We found out later he was 4-6 months old. Riddled with external and internal parasites. Starving and close to death, we brought him home to Desoto Kansas, took him to a vet, who then sent him to Kansas State veterinary school. There, he was treated and cared for. They warned us that he may have many problems because of his past. It was determined he wandered in the woods for several months without shelter. We love this guy who is a white,long-haired blue-eyed gift. We brought him home and took on the job of rehabilitation. His behavior was a huge problem. He had to be socialized and learn to trust us. This was an ongoing process for a few years. Unfortunately at 8years, he was diagnosed with cancer and his left front leg was amputated. He is a large dog, weighing around 100 pounds. So many complications arose; his weight compromised his strength of the good leg, he developed diabetes, and his independence was another issue. His story then becomes a legacy of inspiration and intelligence. What we already knew about his personality and communication skills grew to amazing heights. On his own, he developed an entire vocabulary of yips, barks, whines, woo-woo and other various noises, and howls. Each requiring us to perform a different action. Of course, he has become more and more independent, gaining confidence daily.His story is too long to fully explain here,however,rest assured he has trained us well.

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