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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 8
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We have had Bentley since he was a puppy and have always fed him the best kibble we could afford (Wellness, Taste of the Wild, etc.) We always avoided by-products and researched a food extensively before feeding it. Despite feeding high-end foods, Bentley has always been our high maintenance dog - regularly going to the vet for random issues and infections that no one could explain. Over the past two years, he got quite itchy, lethargic, and lose his appetite during the spring and summer. After reading a few holistic vet books, we decided to change Bentley's food to the most natural, clean food we could. After much research, we were impressed with the ingredients and standards of the Honest Kitchen foods. Two months after changing Bentley to the Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Turkey recipe, we can tell a huge difference. Bentley is full of energy and meets us at the door with a spring in his step and a toy in his mouth. He hadn't done that in over a year, and we just figured he was getting old. His coat is now extremely soft and shiny, and he wouldn't dream of leaving Honest Kitchen food in his bowl. Bentley is an entirely different dog, and we have the Honest Kitchen to thank. For those debating about whether dehydrated or home cooked food is really any different than the 5 star kibble they feed, I can tell you from experience "Yes" it does make a difference - a huge difference if your dog has health issues. I decided to feed Honest Kitchen over cooking food myself partially because of the Honest Kitchen's FDA and European testing standards which leave the food, I believe, safer and more pure than much of the people food I could buy at the store. If you decide to switch, I would recommend making the transition very slowly (over 2 weeks). Poor Bentley had some major digestive issues at first as his body detoxified, but he has been totally fine since. I also started feeding him 3 times per day rather than the usual 2 times I had been doing. I am currently transitioning him to the Whole Grain Beef recipe because he did have some gas on the Whole Grain Turkey. But overall, we LOVE the Honest Kitchen and are grateful to have our energetic, healthy Bentley back!

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