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Shih Tzu — Age 9
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She wanted to go to Coachella.

When the vet told me Biatrice was overweight, I couldn't believe it. We thought we were feeding her what dogs eat, but what we thought dogs ate pretty much anything. At age 9, Bia was 3 lbs overweight, had shaky joints, and her teeth kept her breath smelling... interesting. We decided to do better for our pup and got to researching. I don't buy anything until I've read a novel of reviews at every level of rating, so when I found the Honest Kitchen, I started doing my homework. Everything seemed legit, they had a San Diego office, and I was on the cusp of making the switch. I happen to visit friends a few week before quarantine. They've got these massive, beautiful pit-bulls, and I noticed my friend mixing some dehydrated food. That it was Honest Kitchen, and that they had been using them for months was all I needed to fully jump in. When I first mixed this stuff for her, I thought it smelled like something I would make for myself. This legitimately smells gourmet, and you know what? My dog deserves that. No surprise, she loves it! Because of the balanced nature of the food, and the given measurements based on weight, I felt overjoyed finally giving her the nutrition and portion sizes the absolutely needed. A stay-at-home order later, and Bia is now just over 1 pound overweight. Now, I'm not saying this dog food will make your dog lose weight. But what I am saying is that this dog food gave me the confidence, and results, that I was feeding my pup a wholesome and nourishing diet. Thanks for keeping my princess well fed.

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