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Pit Bull — Age 3
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Blake Today after being on HK for 7 months.
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before Starting HK. We put T-shirts on him to stop him from scratching and biting himself.
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2 months after starting HK. His nose and face completely healed up.
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Blake was rescued from Alabama before we adopted him. He was always a loving and energetic puppy but as he got older he started developing hot spots, losing hair, and experiencing a lot of intermittent diarrhea. I switched him to so many types of kibble for the next 2 years and some helped for a time but eventually he would get more hotspots and get covered in scabs along his back and chest. He started gaining weight with the kibble and even started losing interest in playing and running around because he just couldn't stop scratching and biting his legs. I eventually decided to give dehydrated food a try, i dont have the money or the time in my schedule to cook him homemade meals or go out and get him a raw diet so i figured HK's Dehydrated formula would be a good place to start and get him adjusted. Well after about a week i noticed he stopped scratching and rubbing his face raw after feedings and with in 2 months his face and nose had completely healed up! A few more months go by and he stars looking less chunky and more toned and lean as his harness starts getting looser to the point where we had to get him the next size down! His scabs went away and the yeasty smell disappeared after the 4 month mark. Its been just about 7 months on HK now and I've been trying all the grain free flavors with him and not a single one has given him diarrhea or worsened his condition. He LOVES the food as well, we make it nice and soupy for him and he slurps it up instantly. The dried fruit and vegetable pieces in HK really make me feel good about every bowl I give him. Putting the same healthy foods I eat and love sharing with Blake into his food really shows the makers of HK are really thinking about our pets and how its time that Pet owners really start treating them like Family and feeding them as good or better than ourselves.

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