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Boxer — Age 9
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Boston had been on very high quality kibble since we got him at age 4. In the last year we started to notice some serious digestion issues. He was not eating all of his meals and would frequently skip one or two before wolfing down his next meal. We noticed his stool was pretty loose on a random basis and for now apparent reason. We also noticed a lot of anxiety in him and tried CBD oil to no avail. I did a lot of research and started to cook hime homemade meals. He was wolfing the food down to the point where he was begging me for second helpings, something he has never done. I figured out that his diet, even on high quality kibble, was not working out well for my little buddy!! At the same time, I also realized how expensive it was to cook every meal for him and how time consuming it was and how much fridge space it took up. I met one of The Honest Kitchen's reps, Kelly, at a local event and spoke to her for an hour. She gave me a few samples of the whole food supplement and of the base mix. I gave Boston both and he wolfed them down immediately. I noticed his poop got a lot better (smaller and less soft) and his energy went through the roof. I can't believe I did not know about this product until I met Kelly but I will never again buy anything else. Thank you to The Honest Kitchen!

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