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Bulldog — Age 6
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let me start by telling you about Bruno, he is a 6 year old English Bulldog, at 5 years old he ended up in the ER because he was not able to urinate, worse day of my life! We had to do an emergency surgery to remove the stones that were blocking his urine passage. The lab results came back with Urate Stone which means he needs to be in a low purine diet. (No kidneys, livers, or red meats) that’s so hard to find in dog food. So I started to cook for him but it takes too long for a busy schedule like mine. So I messaged THK about 3 months ago and they recommend me Grain Free Turkey recipe, I was very skeptical at first cause I really don’t want to end up in the ER again, doctor told me not to switch foods but I went with my gut feeling. I just took him last week to get a urinalysis and GUESS what!!! No crystals or stone formation!!! Yay!!!!! I can finally rest knowing my baby is safe eating this and knowing the quality of food THK is I’m so happy!!! Thank you! BTW he loooooves the food!

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