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Bulldog — Age 5
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Bubba's stomach issues started since he was a puppy. After trying the best rated dog food in the market by food adviser, we finally found one that agreed with his stomach. When he turned 3 years old, he started having some drooling episodes, puddles of water and with no reason. We took him to several doctors, spent so much money in blood tests, he was on thyroid medication, prozac, prilosec, anti acids, probiotics, professional teeth cleanse etc. His diagnose was severe acid re-flux. The last specialist told me that he might need surgery to open his nostrils. 3 months ago I took him to another vet, she suggested to remove all the medication, and to consider changing his food ( I thought we couldn't find a better food). I started researching determined to find one that could solve his problem. He is on his third 10 pound of grain free fish formula, and since then he has not had any drooling episodes. He is only taking one prilosec a day and soon I will stop all. I have been so desperate to solve this issue, it was hard to see him drooling with those helpless eyes. I am a clean freak, to follow him with a towel everywhere was exhausting. I have spent more money in Bubba's health than in my 15 year old son which sounds crazy!. I hope that he will live a happy life moving forward.

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