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Labradoodle — Age 10
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For the first half of Buzz's life, we really struggled to keep weight on him. He was always very skinny and lethargic. We thought maybe he just had a low energy personality. Then, I started to educate myself more about dog foods. My parents had always fed their dog's a certain kibble brand and I just stuck with it. When I first introduced Buzz to Honest Kitchen grain-free beef, he had more energy but he still wasn't hearty eater. He did seem more interested in meal time though. Then, we switched to Zeal - grain free fish and we suddenly had a very different dog. Now, we work on keeping his weight down! He has so much more energy, very playful, and LOVES meal time. I really wish we had experimented with his food sooner. Turns out, he really doesn't like other meats; he is a pescatarian. =-)
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