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Goldendoodle — Age 3
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Cali showing a perfect "take it" command.
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Cali doing absolutely nothing but relaxing thanks to not itching anymore!

From the get-go at only 9 weeks old, I wanted only the best food for our Goldendoodle Cali -good, healthy food. I researched and asked questions, I talked to friends and talked to vets. I thought I was on the right track. I've learned more and more with every dog we've had, and I was super determined to get it right this time. But I didn't. And Cali became an itchy mess. She chewed her paws constantly and to the point of rawness. She licked her backside constantly. She was a hot mess of allergy itchiness. I tried what I thought were better foods, I rotated proteins and bought limited ingredient varieties. Nothing helped. Then, while doing yet more research and confronting the fact that I could neither afford, nor did I have the time, to make my own food well enough to meet all of her nutritional needs, I came across Honest Kitchen. I can sum my find up in two words: LIFE CHANGING! Cali immediately stopped the paw chewing. I no longer have to put socks on her to protect her feet or watch her like a hawk. She is so happy and playful, and when it's down time she just relaxes without gnawing or licking incessantly. The difference is AMAZING. I am truly thankful for Honest Kitchen everyday and tell anyone who will listen. I honestly count the decision to switch one of the best I've ever made - second only to getting Cali!

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