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Pit Bull — Age 2
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Happy boy (before he got sick, his picky princess ways still exist here)
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Feeling right as rain with the food change and acting his crazy self.
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Before he got sick he was picky about food but now he's even pickier.

Chance is our youngest boy who took on his oldest brother's attitude. He's very princess- like, he's picky and prim. He was on grain free kibble for his whole life after regular kibble was giving him hives, ear infections and loose poops. He took right to grain free and all those issues went away. His fur grew back and there were no more ear infections or open sores. April brought us a whole knew life threatening issue. I noticed he hadn't peed or drank much in a couple days. I watched as he dragged himself slowly to the door, not the happy pupper I always saw. He's basically a land shark and does air flops when he's excited. He wasn't responding to anything... Food or treats. I frantically took him to the vet who saved his life that night. She removed about 25 small stones and showed me an x-ray of hundreds more in his bladder. Come to find out it's because he doesn't drink enough. Giving him dehydrated food has made it possible for me to give (and hide) his medications and pain meds without him noticing. He loves his special food and loves that I feed him from a spoon. This food gives me the ability to monitor his fluid intake and I've developed an even deeper bond with him. He's super happy and with his surgery coming up, I'll have to take his food in because I refuse for them to give that horrible grain 'prescribed' diet that he so blatantly kicked over in rebellion of the trash they sold me. He gets extra fluids, his tummy is happy and that makes me happy.

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