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Great Dane — Age 1
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Charlie enjoying the sunshine!
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Enjoying a nap with his siblings

I got Charlie almost a year ago from a "breeder" who didn't take care of him. When I got him he was only 25 lbs at 5 months old, he looked like a walking skeleton. I got him into the vet within 3 days of having him and that's when I realized he was going to have problems. At the first visit I found out that he had a UTI and we were sent home with antibiotics. About a month later we were at the vet again because the first antibiotics didn't work. We got sent home this time with better antibiotics, those still didn't work so we went back to the vet for the third time. This time they did blood work and that came back showing that something was wrong with his kidneys. We got sent to a bigger vet office to run some different tests. While all this was going on I had a hard time getting him to gain weight, I found out that his stomach can't handle chicken flavored dog food and it seemed like every day he was losing more and more hair. For the first visit at the new vet he had an ultrasound done which didn't get us any closer to finding an answer to his problems because nothing was found. We ending up going back a few weeks later to get extensive blood work done. The results came back saying he has 25% kidney deficiency. They told me he probably wouldn't live past 2 years old and it broke my heart. I had to take him to my regular vet for blood work every 3 months to keep an eye on his kidney levels. After 3 months his kidney levels came back perfectly fine! Trying to find a dog food that Charlie and his other 3 siblings liked and would actually eat and clean their bowls was so difficult. I decided to ditch dry dog food and try The Honest Kitchen. The first time I made it they all went nuts! I get spotless bowls now every time I feed them! Charlie doesn't have stomach problems eating it like he did on most dry dog foods and I've noticed he is starting to shed a lot less! I'm so glad I made the switch and I feel so much better knowing my dogs are getting healthier food!

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