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Weimaraner — Age 6
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Chief, the sweet bumblebee!
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"I'm serious... it was the cat."
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"Do I look studious?"
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"Suns out, weim's out!"

We have a six year old Weimaraner who we adopted at two years old. Chief used to be on a consistent diet, Nature's Logic Vension formula, until Nature's Logic discontinued it due to the various complications with obtaining the venison. We have spent over a year now switching dog food as he hasn't been willing to eat whats out there- including every BIG, FANCY, way-overpriced, dry kibble that doesn't really differentiate from any others. Sure, its raw coated. But what does that really mean? Dusty and dry. The two things that Nature's Logic never was! Their food was a dry kibble but not bone dry and never had any dust at the bottom of the bag. No matter how much money we spent on any kind of kibble out there- grain free or not, legumes free or not, potato free or not, it wasn't cutting it. So we had to convince our six year old Weim to eat. How? Well, we used Honest Kitchen's Fruit and Veggie dehydrated base mix and their Beef dehydrated base mix as a topper, as a bottom base below the kibble, as a mixer! We tried every kind of food toy, every kind of food tray or bowl, and even hand fed the dog. Still he was not very interested. Until this past Monday. I went to a local pet store planning on finding yet ANOTHER boring, dry kibble and instead found this product. I read about it. Said, maybe and kept looking. The store clerk was showing me the bags of Zignature (which I don't care for the brand at all) that all were $90+ for a month supply of food for our 87 lbs Weimaraner. Then we looked at Essence, Canidae, Taste of the Wild.... all the brands I've tried. What did they all have in common even though they claim to be different? They're all dry kibble. No visible parts to say, "YES, there are carrots in there!" No unique cooking method. Nothing to variate themselves from one another other than the price tags and "name brand." I went back to read more about the Honest Kitchen Whole Food Clusters. I said, that's the one. I took the beef formula as our veterinarian prefers our dog to be on a diet free of chicken. Something about the Chi and Zen.. :) Now, three days post purchase, when any other dog food kibble would be yesterday's news, this is what he looks forward to! He is eager to eat breakfast! He is excited and impatient to eat dinner again! He always asks for seconds, and maybe thirds! ;) He is playing with his food toys again. He is happy, his stomach is healthy, and WE are grateful for this god-send! Thank you Honest Kitchen! Do not ever get arid of this. THIS IS WHAT SETS YOU APART FROM ALL OF THE OTHER BRANDS! You are unique! Also, any of the dehydrated base mixes are great! We recommend the Fruit and Veggie one if you feed a kibble with a meat protein and/or if you want to mix in your own protein. We also recommend their fish skin treats! Any of them! They are the best! With Love, Chief's crew!

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