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Weimaraner — Age 6
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Chief has been dealing with digestive issues for years. We adopted him and shortly after adopting him at two, he had bloat. He required surgery. Since then, now six, going on seven, he has had stomach digestion issues and gotten sick from most of the “high quality” foods out there. This, this food works! He has continued to eat this food months after first trying it. It isn’t outrageously priced and it is good quality. A good thing for our Weimaraner. We use Honest Kitchen Whole Food Clusters (Turkey or Beef) as he has a digestive problem with chicken. This is the main meal choice. When we want him to have more moisture in the beginning or end of the day, especially on a hot day, we use Honest Kitchen dehydrated mix and add water to it. We also provide him with a frozen bone broth cube from a local woman who makes her own bone broth. Typically we use the fruit and vegetable base dehydrated food and add our own protein of choice. We like to add dehydrated meat to it, topped. Chief is also a huge fan of the Honest Kitchen fish treats! :)

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