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Boxer — Age 2
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China West
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We adopted China from a shelter on December 5, 2016. We brought her home and started feeding her Blue Buffalo (same as we've always fed dogs we've had). After a couple of weeks, we noticed she didn't want to eat in the mornings. We would leave her food out and when we'd get home from work, the food would still be there...untouched. She then started vomiting regularly. Every time she would eat, she would vomit. We took her to the our vet...they gave her medication for nausea, so that she could eat without vomiting. He condition seemed to worsen over the week. My husband took her back to the vet and they sent us to the NC State Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Raleigh, NC. After hours and many tests, they discovered that she was unable to digest all the food she had been eating. It had hardened throughout her intestines. They had prepared us that surgery may be required within in the next couple days if her condition did not improve. We took her home on a limited diet of homemade food (rice, chicken, peas). I cooked her food for about 2 weeks and noticed an amazing improvement in her condition. (She did not have to have surgery, thankfully) I then began to research dog food and found out that what I was feeding her was HORRIBLE (I will never feed another animal that way again). I found a pet food store a couple blocks from where I work in Raleigh and they only carry natural dog foods. They recommended The Honest Kitchen and from the first meal, China was hooked! I use the Preference Base Mix and cook Chicken, Turkey and Beef every two weeks to mix in. She looks absolutely beautiful. Everyone that meets/sees her ask how her coat stays so shiny. She doesn't all!!! Her poop doesn't smell!! And her poop kinda just drys and crumbles in the grass within a day or so...we never have to scoop it! Her teeth are beautiful and she has so much energy. After all my research, I now only feed her THK and homemade treats that I make for her. Thank you for the product you put out!!!!
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