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Chihuahua — Age 6
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The Happiest Honest Kitchen Girl in the World!

When I adopted Coco from the Florida Humane Society I was told she had a poor appetite. Once I brought her home I realized the stress of being at the shelter affected her appetite because she cleaned her plate every time I fed her. I also soon found that the typical canned and dry foods weren't sitting well on her tummy and she developed colitis. After taking her to the vet and running several tests the determination was that she had a "sensitive stomach". The vet recommended a prescription diet which I didn't agree with. The diagnosis of "sensitive stomach" doesn't truly describe her condition. She was miserable, when she had a bowel movement it was completely bloody and I was very worried. I researched colitis and educated myself about canine diet needs so I would be able to manage and ultimately improve her condition. I'm a California Girl, (currently living in Florida) so I was familiar with The Honest Kitchen. I already loved their products and after all the information I gathered I knew it was the best choice for Coco. I searched the website first then I called their knowledgeable and compassionate customer service representatives. I told the whole story about Coco and my concerns about her health. I ordered food and the representative offered to send samples of a product to calm her digestive tract and improve her bowel movements. I was so happy that all the products were gentle and natural. As I changed Coco's diet and her body healed she felt better, had more energy and her poops became regular and looked "normal". I felt relieved and grateful! She's been enjoying The Honest Kitchen foods and treats for almost 6 years now and she hasn't had an episode of colitis since. I love to give her variety and in addition to the Whole Meals I use the base mixes and add egg, tofu, fish, cheese and lightly cooked meats or raw meats for protein. The Whole Meals are awesome to have on hand for travel or in case of emergency. People comment on her high energy level and can't believe she's 6 1/2 years young, they think she's a puppy! Thanks for letting me share our story!

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