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Labrador Retriever — Age 3
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Our 3 year old Chocolate Lab, Coco had never really eat well. She would pick at her food, eat some and drop some on the floor and leave it. At times she wouldn't even eat. She is a very active dog. Loves to play ball every day for hours, so I know she was hungry. My daughter suggested we try human grade dog food. My husband thought that was crazy. She's a dog and don't care what she eats. After doing some research, reading many articles that I shared with my husband. We agreed that we should try it. I found The Honest Kitchen's website and liked what I read so I bought a 20 pound bag of the Beef Whole Food Clusters and the One Pot Beef Stew for a topper. When I received it and opened the bag to pour it in the container she stuck her head in the bag and started eating it. We never seen her so excited over food. Now when I ask her if she's hungry, she runs to the kitchen and sits by her food container. She loves it! She eats all of her food and licks the bowl clean. She hasn't missed a meal since we started her on it in June of 2020. The food has made a big difference in her. She has more energy and we can really tell a big difference in the way she acts and feels! I will never feed her anything else again. Thank you from a very happy customer.

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